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Clinical Team


Years in Practice: 30+ Years

School: Texas Woman's University

Year Graduated: 1996

License No. and State: 25826 Texas

Christina Della Nebbia

CEO, Psychologist, PhD, BCBA

I am passionate about helping clients and have been doing so for over 30 years. I welcome the opportunity to be of assistance in addressing a variety of mental health issues such as ADHD, OCD, Autism Spectrum, anxiety, depression, and other issues. I treat trauma and other women's issues. I offer all types of counseling, play therapy and psychological and neuropsychological testing for all ages. You are not alone, and I will walk this journey to health by your side. Please call to make an appointment with us so we can get you or your child on the road to wellness! My motto is to help all individuals treat reach their full potential and live happy, healthy and productive lives!

I am a licensed psychologist, licensed specialist in school psychology and a board certified behavior analyst. I provide individual, family and group therapy for adults, children and adolescents as well as psychological and neuro-psychological testing. I offer applied behavior analysis services (ABA) along with a team of professionals.

I work closely with many physicians in the area in order to coordinate care. I provide in person and telehealth sessions. ABA can be provided in my clinic or your home


ADHD, Developmental Disorders, Behavioral Issues, Autism, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Spirituality, Trauma, PTSD and more. 


Years in Practice: 12+ Years

School: Texas Woman's University

Year Graduated: 2020 

Christopher Carter

Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Neuropsychology

Christopher Carter is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow specializing in clinical neuropsychology. He is currently supervised by Dr. Christina Della Nebbia, Ph.D., L.P., L.S.S.P., B.C.B.A.

Dr. Carter completed his doctoral degree in School Psychology at Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in 2020 with a specialization in clinical neuropsychology. Prior to his doctoral training he had completed his Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Psychology and his Specialist in School Psychology (SSP) degree from Abilene Christian University (ACU).

Dr. Carter has had extensive training and supervised clinical experience working with individuals across the lifespan who have brain injuries and neurodevelopmental disorders with his patients ranging from toddlers to older adults. Dr. Carter has over 12 years of experience and training working with clinical populations in public schools, residential settings, private practices, hospital settings, non-profit centers, and community mental health centers.

During his doctoral-level training, Dr. Carter has provided school-based supervised psychological services at the Milton Hershey School, the largest residential school in the United States, where he became familiar and trained in crisis intervention, suicide risk assessment, and homicidal risk assessment. Dr. Carter has also worked with victims and perpetrators of domestic and intimate partner violence in individual and group therapeutic settings at Denton County Friends of the Family (DCFoF). Dr. Carter also provided ABA services at public schools and also at ABA centers such as the Behavior Exchange and Real Hope Real Help.

In his spare time Dr. Carter like to play video games, host game nights with friends and family, cook BBQ, write short stories, read fiction and non-fiction books, travel abroad, and is an avid movie buff. 


Years in Practice: 15+ Years

Rachel Bertelson


Rachel Bertelson has a total of 15-years of clinical education and experience working within mental and behavioral health. She received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and graduate training and a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), and licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists as an Independent Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA).

Work Experiences

Her most recent work experiences include serving as the former Executive Director for Rose Street Spectrum. For seven years, she directed a team of BCBA's, BCaBA's, and RBT's who provided Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) intervention for individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has also served for the last six years as the Executive Director of (d.b.a.) Odyssey Behavioral Health Clinic; providing ABA services to the adult population for vocational, occupational, and functional skills training via the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Unit of the Texas Workforce Commission.

Clinical and Intervention Based Interests

Rachel's primary clinical and intervention-based interests include the following: psychological assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for individuals with suspected neurodevelopmental disorders, comprehensive and focused ABA intervention, verbal behavior in children, behavior modifications for problematic behaviors in the home, community, and workplace, social skills training (individual and group), integrated PEER LINK modeled social skills training program, structured parent training both individual and group (RUBI and Roadmap to ABA behavioral parent training program), occupational/vocational skills training (transitions to the workplace), and adaptive and functional skills training (transitions to independent living). She also supervises individuals who are pursuing their certification to become BCBA's, BCaBA's, or RBT's. Additionally, she has served as an International Guest Speaker for the Universita Degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - Rome, Italy 2016 - master's level university coursework for individuals pursuing their master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.


In Rachel's spare time, she enjoys game nights with the family, outdoor adventures, traveling, yoga, watching movies, and volunteer work.

Jason Smith


Jason Smith is a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) practicing under the supervision of Dr. Christina Della Nebbia. He has worked in the mental health field for more than five years and has provided a variety of services to his local Denton County community as well as communities in rural East Texas. Jason graduated from Texas A&M University – Commerce (TAMUC) in 2018 with a Master’s of Science in Applied Clinical Psychology and began his career during his graduate studies providing assessment and diagnosis at the TAMUC Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic.


After graduation, Jason moved back to Denton County and served as a residential counselor at a psychosocial rehabilitation facility for three years where he helped rehabilitate individuals experiencing mental health crises. Afterwards, he served as a house manager playing a vital role in the development of the programmatic structure of a safe house providing mental health services and more to young men who have survived sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Jason has a wealth of experience treating and testing individuals with PTSD, bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

“I am proud and excited to be working with this fantastic team of professionals here at Real Hope Real Help! My aspiration is to use my expertise to give back to my community and help folks in need get back to living happy and healthy lives.”


         Satinder Sidhu MA, LPC A    

         Satinder Sidhu MA, LPC A

Supervised by Yolanda Swope, LPC S

I have a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Amberton University, Texas. I am currently licensed by the State of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and Supervised by Yolanda Swope LPC S. I am currently doing a MS in Family Studies.

I have an integrative approach in my counseling practice which incorporates a Humanistic/ Existential Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Solution-Focused Therapy, Family Systems, Narrative Counseling etc. I do take into consideration the physiological and neurological aspects in diagnosis and treatment. I am trained in EMDR and have knowledge of how Trauma effects the brain and body.

Counseling/ therapy works with a collaborative approach between the client and the counselor. Growth and development are never easy, and neither are changes. Counseling sessions can make you aware of the issues you are coping with and equip you with the skills and strategies to live a healthy life. One day or one step at a time towards where you want to be is attainable through learning therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC’s). I see recovery as journey of healing and a process of unlearning patterns that once were needed to avoid or numb pain. Awareness and Acceptance is the first step to change. “The Curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

- Carl Rogers

I enjoy going on walks, like to hike , see a beautiful sunset or sunrise. I enjoy designing outfits and reorganizing rooms. I also like to try new recipes and playing with my pug, Buzz.

I treat individuals with anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, parenting issues, crisis, grief, individuals and couples, behavioral issues, and more.